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Confidence – The Goal-Achieving Mindset

Goals can sometimes seem like faraway fairyland visions. Huge amounts of energy and confidence are required to stir the passion that keeps nagging at you and to harness it into action. There’s a lot of fear in taking the journey because of all the perceived and sometimes real obstacles standing in the way. You start many times but then your resolve burns away and takes you back to square one.

But this time, you’ve embarked on your path to a transformed you with a new determination. You’re keen, you’re eager, and you still have the energy required to create a new trail.

The Villains

As in fairytales, what usually stands in your way of destinations are villains that can get into your head as you try to forge on toward the finish line.

As you are focused on your target, the villains are bent on creating a sense of uncertainty, doubt, and hesitation in your mind. They do so by making noise, like a chatterbox. They’re loud and rowdy and uproarious. They will do anything to distract you from the task at hand.

This negative chatterbox in your head — or the Shitty Committee as I like to call it — has only one purpose: to distract you from your aspirations.

Some of us pay heed to what the Shitty Committee has to say.

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‘You’re weak.’

‘You should give up now.’

‘This isn’t your cup of tea.’

‘You don’t deserve to dream big.’

These thoughts cut deep.

A lot of us fall prey to these falsehoods and go into a survival mindset – just to get through the next day or task.

But as on most legendary journeys, there are also sages along the way that impart wisdom.

The Tools of Champions

1. Track your successes throughout the day. No matter how small the achievement seems, note it, and record it somewhere. This system will change your focus and increase your self-esteem.

2. Pay attention to your body language. Strong, confident people stand tall and sit up straight and maintain good eye contact.

3. Do something that makes you uncomfortable. Having success outside your comfort zone is a fast way to increase your self-confidence.

4. Get rid of the negative voices in your head. Those self-defeating thoughts that never seem to stop can be a major drain on self-confidence.

For more tips to create self-confidence download my free “8 Steps to Greater Self Confidence”

8 Steps to Greater Self Confidence by Triskelion Transitions
8 Steps to Greater Self Confidence by Triskelion Transitions
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