You've come here because you know you want to make some changes
but you're not sure about professional coaching and don't know what
"Integral Life Coaching" is.

"Is it real?"

"Will it help?"

Or is it some woo woo babble designed to separate you from your hard earned money?

What is A Professional Coach?

  • A coach is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your professional or personal life
  • Guides you through the change process
  • Helps you evaluate and decide which steps to take in order to reach your objectives
  • A collaborative relationship

Who works with a Professional Coach?

  • Healthy, successful people who are a bit stuck, or want to change something in their professional or personal life
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What makes Integral Coaching Different?

The Integral Coach™ guides their clients to explore their topics or quest for development and change from several different perspectives and lines of human development based on Ken Wilber’s integral theory. The Integral Coach™ is trained to see the world through their client’s eyes and help their clients expand their current view of the topic and develop skills to live in a broader view of their topic in their personal and professional life. For more information see Integral Coaching® Canada.  Here is an article with a simple explanation of integral theory.

This integrated method of human development from multiple perspectives allows clients to develop a lasting mindset change rather than simply providing the short-lived value of coaching conversations with a thinking partner.

  • The Integral Coaching® Model is about human development
  • A process that guides you through change
  • Helps you build the skills to effectively integrate the change into your professional and personal life
  • Coach and client work together to define and clarify goals and develop specific practices
  • The coach and client co-create practices designed to develop specific skills and 'muscles' to integrate the changes required to achieve goals
  • The client/coach relationship has a defined path
  • The client embodies a new way of being and thinking

There are many benefits of professional coaching...

The Integral Coaching® Process

Planning Stage:

Part 1 – Exploring the Topic (1 to 1.5 hours)

Part 2 – Coaching Plan, Developmental Objectives, First Assignment (1 hour)

Execution Stages:
(1 hour each)
Meet every 10 to 14 days to review assignments designed to develop muscles needed to achieve developmental objectives and introduce new ones

(1 hour)
Review progress and decide on future plans as well as celebrate and honour accomplishments

Benefits of Professional Coaching

Change in attitude and mindset

Increase in confidence, self-worth and personal credibility

Enhanced performance skills at work and in life

Development of advanced communication skills

More engagement with life and at work

Better relationships

Behavioural flexibility

Improved ability to respond positively to stress and pressure


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Integral Life Coaching is an effective method of changing your life for the better

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