Transformation: Envisioning a New You

Transformation: Envisioning a New You with Triskelion Transitions

Transformation is Natural

The last long weekend of summer is all about transformation.

We wrap up our summer and begin following the order that dictates our lives.

We transform from being outdoor animals to being indoors more often.

We begin to pack away our summer dresses and skirts — although some of us resist till the last moment. It’s also back to a stricter routine with kids going back to school.

Life is full of changes…transformations. We see it all around us in the changing of the seasons as green leaves transform to blazing bright colours and then fall off, leaving the trees bare.

Look at your kids…they’re the epitome of transformation. From being tiny, helpless beings, they become the energy balls that are always on the move. Then they transform into moody, sometimes difficult teens.

As the season changes, our thinking changes, too.

This time may be accompanied by nostalgia. We think about the days we’ve spent in the sun, by the beach, or visiting friends in other places.

These memories may seem like downers but think of this way: it’s an album of precious moments. Shift your thinking to make an inventory of how far you’ve come in the last few months.

How to Make the Best of Transformation

Transformation makes us think. It slows us down from rushing from one thing to another all the time, trying to enjoy summer as best as we can.

Take a breather. This time is crucial for your personal transformation. It’s time to do an internal inventory. Sit with yourself as you watch the wonderful colours of nature in all their glory. Seek the transformation deep within yourself.

The changes around you hold valuable lessons that can bring a shift in your life: this is not the end — it’s only the beginning.

Transformation is a chance to begin a journey toward a higher level of your self. Create a baseline of where you think you currently stand and then set small goals that you can achieve over the next few months.

Spend Time with Yourself

Take inventory of all the new experiences you had during summer. If you didn’t get a chance to do anything out of the ordinary, maybe this is the time to make a list of all the activities you’d like to try next year. That’s step one in transformation: inviting in the possibility of change.

Use the changing of the seasons to dig deep into your transformation. Think about what you’ve achieved in the last few months. Think about all the positive acts you’ve done. You can make a list of all the happy moments you experienced. That’s step two.

It’s also useful to highlight what you’ve learned over time.

This is a precious time to do some crucial self-learning.

Teach yourself that transformation and change are inevitable parts of life. Instead of pining for what’s gone, we should embrace the excitement of what’s to come. That’s step three.

Envision a New You

Set your sights on where you want to be when you come out the other end of this transforming season. That’s step four. It’s important to think about every detail of your goals. Maybe you want to try a new haircut when it’s spring. Maybe you want to take up a new hobby when the weather turns. Maybe you want to visit a new place you’ve always wanted to see.

Also take stock of some attributes of yourself you would like to nurture. Maybe you would like to be more grateful. Perhaps, you want to focus on becoming more organized. There may be an activity you want to take up with your loved ones or kids.

Stay tuned for more ways of achieving transformation.

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