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Triskelion Coaching Packages:

Each of our packages are outlined below. As you can see, there is a natural flow to the Integral Coaching® Process.

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1) Kick Starter Program

Thinking Path with Triskelion Growth Coaching

(3 Meetings - 60 to 90 minutes each)

Meeting #1 - Exploring the Topic and Getting to Know You

  • Through conversation and gentle questioning, we will work together to detail what it is you want to achieve through coaching
  • Co-create a topic that encompasses the goal you want to achieve
  • This information will be used to help me plan a suggested course of action which will be presented at Meeting #2

Meeting #2 - Coaching Plan, Developmental Objectives, Self Observation Exercise

  • Present a proposed plan which will encompass a vision of where you are now, and where you want to go with respect to the topic we agreed upon in Meeting #1
  • Outline some areas for development that will help you achieve your main goal or topic
  • Thoroughly discuss this plan and make adjustments according to what fits you best
  • Provide a self-observation exercise that is designed for you; to get to know you, and see how you currently behave within your topic

Meeting #3 - Debrief the Self Observation Exercise

  • Thoroughly explore what you have learned about your self through self-observation
  • Talk about skills that you can work on to move you closer to your developmental objectives and goals
  • Suggest areas to concentrate on and develop that will move you towards your goals
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2) Full Coaching Experience Program

Full Coaching Experience with Triskelion Growth Coaching

(6 to 9 Months of Bi-Weekly coaching meetings -
Execution Stages and Conclusion Meeting)

*Includes the Kick Starter Program
*plus on-going coaching meetings

Execution Stages

  • Meet every 10 to 14 days to review assignments designed to develop muscles needed to achieve developmental objectives and introduce new ones
  • We will review the necessary skills needed to meet your objectives
  • Co-create assignments to help you build those skills and meet your goals
  • Transform your current practices and skills into an improved skill set
  • Transform your mindset to one that encompasses the improved skill set as part of your everyday life whether at work or at home

Conclusion Meeting 

  • Review progress
  • Decide on future plans
  • Celebrate and honour accomplishments
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3) Refresher Program

The Refresher Program with Triskelion Growth Coaching
  • This program is available for previous clients only
  • 1 to 2-hour meeting to review progress and changes since concluding your previous coaching program
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4) EQ-i 2.0/EQ360 Assessments & Debrief

Assessments and Debrief with Triskelion Growth Coaching
  • Administer the world renowned and proven EQ Assessment
  • Debrief results with individuals to develop a plan of action to address challenges revealed in the assessment
  • Additional fees will apply if used as part of other coaching programs

Workshop Titles

  • How Self Care Improves Your Efficiency
  • Managing Self Talk to Invite Growth
  • Using a Dream Board to Clarify Goals
Workshops with Triskelion Growth Coaching

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