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Dig Deep into Gratitude

Have you ever experienced the power of gratitude?

Sometimes, a simple thank you someone says to us for a small deed blows away the grey clouds that loom over us.

But if you want to bring gratitude home with you, writing a gratitude journal is a great way of including thankfulness in your life.

It’s one of the best and easiest ways of introducing positivity in your daily activities.

Gratitude isn’t a standalone habit. With it, come other healthy ways of life, such as mindfulness and a change in perspective.

Other Benefits of Gratitude

We talked about some of the physical and psychological benefits of gratitude in our previous post — you can read it here https://www.triskeliontransitions.com/gratitude-journaling-tips/ .

But there’s so much more that comes with adding thankfulness to your life.

Gratitude brings a sense of peacefulness to your life. And when you emanate peace, it attracts peace toward you. People gravitate to those that are grounded and feel fulfilled.

People want to surround themselves with peaceful people because they want to emulate that quality.

Regularly practicing gratitude enhances empathy. Research has also shown that those that express gratitude are more forgiving and less likely to seek revenge. They’re sensitive to how their actions affect others and how people respond to what they say.

Being grateful also gives you an abundance of self-confidence. It comes from being happy with what you have and not letting jealousy get to you.

If gratitude is part of your daily life, you’ll get into a habit of counting your blessings and appreciate what you have.

Thankfulness promotes empathy and self-awareness. These two qualities give you the ability to recognize achievements in others and to applaud them with an open heart.

How to Practice Gratitude?

If you already live with a positive mindset — congratulations — it’s a wonderful place to be. But if you struggle to maintain a positive mindset, I’m sharing some prompts that will help you welcome gratitude into your life.

I’m going to introduce you to gratitude journaling.

Prompt 1 – Winter is Coming


Write down three things you appreciate about winter. Maybe it’s the ability to go skiing, or to take your kids tobogganing, or to just curl up by the fire.

But don’t just stop there…take it a step further and dig into the feelings associated with these activities. Think about the people that participate in these activities with you. How do you feel about having them in your life? How do they enhance these activities for you?

Prompt 2 – Celebrate Yourself


This one is tough for most people. We’re always taught to look at ourselves critically and to analyze our every action through a negative lens.

But this is also the one that has the most effect.

Think about a physical and personal quality that you admire about yourself. Yes, you can let loose.

How has the quality influenced your life?

How did you develop that quality?

How has that quality benefitted you and others around you?

Prompt 3 – Overcoming Obstacles


Think of one time you overcame a specific hurdle in your life.

What did you do?

What do you appreciate how you handles that situation?

How did it feel to overcome the obstacle?

Well, how does it feel to put it all on paper? It takes a bit of time to get used to the serenity that comes with this practice.


Want to keep journaling?

Send me a message at info@TriskelionTransitions.com to for your copy of our gratitude journal. It makes a perfect gift for Christmas, New Years, and birthdays.

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