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Paying it Forward

I am fortunate to have an abundant life and I am grateful for everything I have. I have reached this point in my life with the help of a few therapists, a life coach, a great mentor and some difficult self-development work.

In my late 40’s I found myself in a situation that was making me mentally and physically sick. I had to decide whether to continue to live an unhappy life of ease and comfort or to make changes that might mean the loss of a big part of my identity and my lifestyle. I was able to afford professional help to clarify my thinking and regain my confidence. My “You’re Going to Make It” coaching endowment is designed to help people who find themselves in similar situations but cannot afford to seek guidance from a credentialed, experienced, professional life coach.

I want to share my passion for,  and experience in successfully managing life transitions with as many people as possible, regardless of ability to pay. To that end, I am actively involved in Up With Women and Soroptimists International (KW Chapter), but I want to extend my reach.

There are many women who are not served (or are under-served) by our social institutions, or who don’t have financial access to C-suite executive coaches. This program is designed to help those women.

If you are struggling to find a direction in your life or are dealing with the stress of an empty nest, returning to work, retirement, divorce, relocation to a new city or any other major life transition fill in the below application form for pro bono coaching.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Rosalind Keith

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