As a Professional Integral Life Coach I will listen to you, and together we will clarify your thinking. I will work with you to develop concrete goals and plans to move from where you are now, to where you want to be.

The Integral Coaching® plan will hold you accountable to yourself, and I will be there as your guide through the changes.

Since 1995 I have lived in Singapore, Tokyo, Chicago, Hong Kong and Turkey with my husband, two children and a variety of pets.  Along the way I reinvented myself in each location, pursuing opportunities to learn about the local culture and to give back to the host country. I repatriated to Canada in the summer of 2015.

While in Hong Kong I earned a Certificate in Intercultural Studies from the University of British Columbia. I began training and coaching executives and expats about communicating across cultures and managing diverse teams.

Since returning to Canada I have become an Accredited Professional Integral Coach and have expanded my coaching beyond cross cultural communications into executive and life coaching. My ideal clients are women in transition. Women who have reached a point in life where they ask themselves "what's next"; "how do I grow my career without sacrificing a healthy lifestyle"; "how do I position myself to return to the workforce". I also have a proven record coaching financial planners to help grow their client lists. I am also certified to administer the EQi-2.0 and EQ360 assessments. I am a member of the International Coaching® Federation.

I enjoy working  as a volunteer helping newcomers acclimatize to life in a new country.  I provide pro-bono coaching through Up With Women ( I am also a charter member of the KW Club of  Soroptimists International (

I enjoy exploring and learning about different cultures.  I have been particularly interested in how my family and friends have managed to adapt to the local culture in each country they have lived.  Since returning to Canada I have embraced my Canadianness and have begun ice skating again and walking in the snow. I also enjoy hiking the amazing trails of Ontario; yoga, and meditation.

I have an Honours BA in Sociology and English from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada as well as TESOL Certification from Trinity College in London and a post-graduate certificate in Intercultural Communications.

Prior to starting my life as an expat, I worked as a policy analyst for a major political party in Ontario, Canada; a Research Assistant for the City of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and a service assistant and office manager for a financial planner.

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Areas of Coaching and Training Expertise:

Transitions, unconscious bias, intercultural communications, mindfulness, resiliency, emotional intelligence.

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Why the Triskelion?

The symbolism of the triskelion speaks to the style of coaching I practice. Growth requires cycles of development.  The triskelion – 3 spirals joined in the middle - itself symbolizes a joining of the mind, body and spirit in a triangle.

In Integral Coaching® we ask our clients to explore growth in these three energies, believing that growth in one will spiral into growth in the other two energies.  No one energy can exist without the other being present.

The triskelion represents the triangle of foundational necessity – you can’t have a healthy whole without mind, body, and spirit being joined together.

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