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Feel The Fear...And Do It Anyway
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“The human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress made in spirals.”
~ Madame de Stael
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Feel The Fear...And Do It Anyway
Isolated? Afraid? Overwhelmed? Learn to push through fear to thrive in clarity and confidence

"Do you feel that something in your business or personal life needs to change but you can't quite pinpoint what it is?​"

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"Do you know what you want to change in your business or personal life but can't seem to make it happen?"

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"Are you having trouble achieving and visualizing your business or personal goals?"

Rosalind Keith from Triskelion Growth Coaching

Hi I’m Rosalind Keith and I help clients transform that scared little voice in their heads into a chorus of self-empowerment.

By the time I was 17 years old I had moved towns and neighbourhoods 10 times. As a wife and mother I moved 9 times – 7 of those moves were international moves. In my early 50’s I started over as a divorcee. I learned from a young age how to transition to a new life. I know how to start over. I know how to reinvent yourself.

Fun fact – as a child I always wanted to take dancing lessons but we did not have the money to pay for lessons. As an adult I have taken ballet, belly dancing and ballroom dancing lessons. I am living my dream. I still can’t dance, but I have fun trying.

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8 Steps to Greater Self Confidence by Triskelion Transitions

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